Monday, April 9, 2012

Diament Jewelry Giveaway via Ewwitsnikki

It's been a while since I blog for reasons I wanted to keep myself (as always).  Hehe.  I was just fascinated by how some bloggers by the likes of Ms. Camille CoMs. Laureen Uy, Ms. Shen Gee, and Ms. Nicolette Sison (which I follow and read more often).  They blog about fashion, make-up, dresses - in short, anything KIKAY.  Since I was a little (literally), I wanted to be the most sought after girl when it comes to beautifying the rest of the world.  What happened?  None.  Unfortunately, that's a poor girl's dream of becoming a 'sought after'.  Well then, I just wanted to say how lucky I am seeing this contest by Nikki:

I am always into what's free and given away on the world wide web.  But who knows, time will come that I'd be eyeing on that title of being "famous" when it comes to blogging anything fabulous and running my own contest.

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Anonymous said...

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