Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Versus Antonio Margarito

Ladies and gentlemen, Congressman Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao make us proud again by winning his recent fight against Antonio Margarito.  Pacquiao, the pound por pound king of an aubelievable 8 boxing divisions allegedly won against the Mexican fighter, after 12 rounds of instense exchange of punches.  After speculations that Congressman Pacquiao, with the height of 5 ft 6½ inches will be "no match" against the 5 feet 11 inches Margarito.  Well then, he proved them wrong by leaving a bleeding Margarito at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA.

Aside from being a Septuple champion, Pacman won an approximate $3 million dollars with this unanimous decision fight.  Wonder how many people will soon show up to Pacman's house soon as he arrived.  Some were supporters, some were asking for a tip or two.  Wait, how much will it cost to fly to Saranggani Province City? Haha. 

Who will be the next?


Hoshilandia Jr. said...

yes congratz talaga kay Manny!

i don't know anything about boxing but I know Manny Pacquaio is great in boxing. hehehe

mabuhay Pacman!

Ayie said...

Hey Sows, dumalaw ako! mukhang pahinga ka ah. hehehe. Will wait for your next post..

Btw, congrats kay Congressman. Sana next naman nyang maipanalo ang paglilingkod sa bayan!


glentot said...

Nabasa ko na bago ko mapansin ang date ng post hahahaha hiatus ka pala!

Sows said...

@hoshi, bagong laban n ulet now ko lng nbsa. sorry!

@ayie, ayeeeeeeee! may kaaway si cong. sa twitter!

@glen, super mega hiatus nga! hoho. :P


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