Saturday, April 2, 2011

True Beauty: A review

We people always focused on beautifying our physical attributes.  Like what to dress and perfume to wear, what make-up, pomades, and gel to put on, etc.  Especially those things that can satisfy our eyes.  But we must bear in mind, looks can be deceiving.  What if you're in a cocktail party and suddenly a waiter or a crew accidentally puts some wine into your signature and precious gown or tuxedo?  Will you say the mother effing word?  Or would you just 
What if a gardener sprinkle water unto you?  Will you say go to where Satan lives or just keep it cool?  What if a beggar pleads for food?  Will you be disgusted by it's looks or get him/her something to fill it's stomach?
And finally, what if you're in a room of cool dudes and a loner kid on the side?  Will you try hooking up with the group or you'll try the loner kid socialize with the rest of the guys?

This is what the U.S. television show "True Beauty" is about.  There were lots of challenges and tasks for the dudes and beauties to do but only their personality can win. And in the end, beauty can indeed be from the inside and out but true beauty comes from within.

True Beauty host by Vanessa Minnillo with judges Nolé Marin and Cheryl Tiegs.  I just learned that someone won this season.

It airs every Monday here in the Philippines every 7:00 pm Channel 9, ETC before Keeping up with The Kardashians at 7:30 pm.

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