Friday, November 11, 2011


Hi.  For the past few weeks/months I've been uber busy.  And when I say busy, it means 12-hour working hours a day 5 to 6 days a week. Phew!  It's kinda frustrating especially when I look at the mirror - dark circles became evident, wrinkles started a cult and meet up on my face, and more importantly, I just look tired.  Thank God I'm not used to having acne and other skin problems.  And now that I'll have at least 4 hours a day, I might wanted to take care of my skin and well being. (Especially now that I've learned I gain pounds as being tired diverted to starvation - and it's as if they had a connection! :)  I'll have promises for myself now that I've gained half of my life - to focus on what pleases the eye and what the inner self could appreciate.  

Itineraries?  Together with mom and a younger sister, we have a so-called girl's date last Tuesday at BioEssence and do some pampering.  I was very excited I forgot to took out some valuable pictures.  Ah...  But as they say, there's always a next time.  And that time might be next week. :P

As for my blogging what-knots, I'll focus on ME, ME, and only ME and make sure it'll be entertaining (as I am making fun of myself), the world around me, and some products, places, and experience I've gone through.  I'll try not to spam-post...but mind you, I'm not promising anything!

This is what keeps me going.  A three-some friendship! Hahaha.
And I tried out being a guy, date girls and having a fling.
I am eyeing on Bella, the Administrator, but let's see how far would it go.   Hihi.


hitokirihoshi_kawaii sr. said...

welcome back! naku take care of yourself dahil yan ang true wealth. naku masaya ang magkaroon ng bonding moment with your family. kailan kaya ako makakaganyan? hmmm

at isa ka rin pala sa naloloko sa larong ito. hehehe. ganyan din ang mga kaibigan ko. ako kasi loyal na loyal sa restaurant city, wahehehe.

baka dahil pangarap ko magka-restaurant. doon muna ang practice... malay natin di ba. mabuhay!

Sows said...

ay maganda yan ate. ako pangarap ko nmn magka 30k worth of house. hehe! ingats lage!!

dlysen said...

Nice Revamp. Ang sarap talaga pag ni la-love mo ung sarili mo...

CNA said...

Hello sows.. first time here in your blog.. just do the necessary things and take care of yourself. nice blog..

Sows said...

hi CNA! im just busy for the next big thing here in my blog. thanks for the visit. more to come! KUDOS to us, happy holidays!


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