Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, my alter ego!

And another year had passed.  My so-called long and winding journey continues and here I am again jotting down things I wanted to change / eliminated from my well being.  In other words, here's my list of "Promises" (to be broken) for the incoming year with a twist.  And when I say twist, I meant different, thrilling experience noone has ever imagined I would brag about.

Here's my bucket list before I die (inspired ala Helena's Promises A.K.A. Scent of a Woman Korean TV drama series):

10. To have my own family, children, a dream house, and see to it that mom and dad will be living with me.

9. To be a soloist choir member.  Not to boast or something, I always been pushed in my schooling days (even in the corporate world) to join a singing contest but it wasn't really my passion.  I most wanted to sing for a couple who are about to take their sweetest vows. *Kilegs*

8. Be famous.  I'm quite a shy person and most often, I'm misunderstood as a snob.  But hidden inside my heart, I wanted to be well known.  Whether be a disc jockey or a blogger with at least a hundred readers.

7. Treat my family to a shopping spree.  Of course, my treat.

6. Travel around the country and internationally.. with my family.

5. Be debt-free.  Did I need to further explain myself?

4. To be in a company or firm that I could settle for the rest of my life.

3. Lose weight ideal for my height.  I won't go on details for you guys might drop your jaws open.

2. Ride the bike frequently.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  I'm one of the few people in this planet that doesn't know how the bicycle works. We (I mean my brother) had a mountain bike but I'm just scared of falling on the ground.

1. Be happy at all times.

Phew!  Believe it or not, it took me 5 hours to think about all of these! Darn it. :))
Guess I should have another life to fulfill all of these.  That's why, I needed to live a meaningful life.  So guys, I encourage you all to have your own list to have a reason to leave everyday.  Whether you don't like how you look, how things are getting in your way, or how your boss treated you, or perhaps, you just don't like your life.  Take a closer look unto your list and be reminded that it's not important what others think you are but what matters is how you live your life the way you wanted it.
So, be happy! Happy new year! Good vibes! God bless all of you!


Here's a happy birthday pre-generated letter from Lina... enjoy, my alter ego!

....buti pa si Lina, nakaalala. :(


Timeless Confection said...

hi! good day! you certainly brightened mine when i read this post. i'm also a koreanovela fan and also loved scent of a woman. i think it was the perfect comeback film for lee dong wok after serving int he military. kim sun ah was so sexy here!!!! btw, I would like to invite you to my give-away featuring stuffs from coastal scents, urban decay, soap & glory and h&m. here's the link: you could join. thank you so much! have a great day!

Sows said...

hi miss kaye! sorry for this late reply. actually, im trying to join but my internet connection fails me. but im not losing hope for your prizes drop my jaw open. :P

God bless po!

glentot said...

Happy Birthday sa iyo! At good luck sa bucket list mo. Coincidence, kakapanood ko lang ng movie na The Bucket List kagabi... :)))

Sows said...

@glenn, uy, peram ako nyan! :p


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