Monday, May 10, 2010


the two faces of man:
the voter and the mocker

Suspence. Thrill. Excitement. High blood pressure. Exhausting. That' how our voting system here in our place. Me and my mom went to the school at exactly 8am. We part ways as we're registered in different precint numbers. It's 10 am and I'm still outside the room packed with juicy-stingy-angry voters as myself.

"I'm just checking out my name on the list, ate. I won't overtake your line"

I said to the angry presumably a senior woman in front of me.

I was excited to be part of the first automated election on the Philippines. Way back six years ago, I was 18 then when I first exercise my right to vote. Aside from enjoying my freedom as an adult, it was pretty good thing to know that I, being just a single entity in the country, be given a chance to count what I'm about to say. Just like writing this blog.

I stared at the PCOS machine while an official placed my ballot on it.
Congratulations, your voting has counted!!

"Wow, Congratulations!" I screamed. And people around me managed a smile. Thumbmark. Indelible ink. Presto. It's 12 in the afternoon when finished my sacrifice.

"Mom, are you home?" I called at home with a joyful voice behind the line.

"After all, seniors had benefits. Though I'm not, they presumed, I benefited. Haha."
Whatta relief. 'thought she walked away. We've got few hours left, let's all vote! :wink:


Anonymous said...

We became accountable not only for ourselves but for our country as well. Buti na lang di ko na experience yung haba ng pila, singitan at tulakan. Congratulations! Hehe

Neng, lumipat ka na pala ng bahay, malayo layo ang nilipatan mo ha, at mataas ang pader. hehe CONGRATS sa new e-house mo... Base ba ko? :)

J. said...

Maraming salamat sa iyong pakikiisa sa halalan.

Bakit naman lumipat ka ng bahay? Iniwan mo na ba si Ax?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you participated in the recent elections in our country. It's a very good thing.

Welcome to Blogspot btw. :D

Spagetisows said...

@lifelessserious, yup base ka nga. LOL. wow congrats tlg at hnd ka pumila. nkkhiya nga ng ung kasabay kong may edad na ang nagpaypay pa saken kc tlgng hilong-hilo nako. AW. about sa e-house ko, hmm, let's just say na nagsawa nako sa dati. mjo hnd pa to ayos but in time magiging OK din 'to.

@jkul, opo alm kong ikaw c jkul. hehe bket po ako lumipat? let's just say dat distance can be a bitter answer to clingily (if ders such a word). masyado nakong na aatached. pag nawala, magwaWALA nako palagay ko. hnd biro lng po. isyu yan. :p

@kelvin, yup. thanks. soon ikaw rin boboto na. yup. welcome to the serious world of blogging. tnx s encouragement.(& i know u know wat im talking about. LOL)


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