Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the throne

I'm not an OC freak nor a toiletry highness. I used to be scolded thrice in my life for toilet etiquette & I've learned my lesson. As for public C.R's, I'm a tissue addict. What my yaya tita taught me, "washing is caring for your flowering" is pretty good. (Though it's an obvious wrong grammaring. LOLs) Now that I just turned 18, I have to be more of a lady-like citizen of this Republic.

What would you do if you are about to step in a toilet when a stranger showed up and you're forced to move out? All you and a collegue do is to exchange glances remembering, "hey, I was about to hop in!" And when it's your chance to seat on the throne, you saw few droplets of liquid product of the body that is secreted by the kidneys AKA, urine?

As for yours truly? I'll mock at her, kick her ass, and blurted profanities for that b*tch's efing disgusting hygience. But my halo would be useless so I did the exact opposite. Who cares if I sounded like a toilet counselor?


hoshi said...

i like this post!

that is also my complain in our CR-here in the office. but what's so gross for me ay yung makikita ng tuyong bahid ng dugo. i'm trying to figure out talaga ko kung anong position ang ginawa nila para magkaroon ng ganun hindi lang sa bowl kundi pati doon sa lid.

Spagetisows said...

@hoshi, uo nga po. hnd ako maarte pero hnd rin ako burara. bow. gandang araw! :)


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