Saturday, June 5, 2010


I'm not into contests lately fellow bloggers. Not really. LOL. I just wanted to stop and have some fun with bustle and hustle of Philippine issues and rantings. And now another chic contest will end on 6th June 11.59pm Tokyo Time (thank God I made it! Or did I? Hehe!)

Now presenting, ladies and ladies at heart...Bang bang she shoots'
giveaway contest! We still have hours to go so don't waste any chance, join now! :p


I'll soon be back to my serious/entertaining? regular posts of mine sooner or later. So please, hang on!


dencios said...


Hello Sows =P

yhen said...

like... hehe

Sows said...

@dencios, tnx po! ok nmn ako kuya! ingats..

@yhen, ate!! waaah.. uo nga like ko tlga to.. :p

Anonymous said...

Hi Sows

dont worry I just checked, it's there.... I think your entry was on the second page since there were so many on the first page (200) and it carries over when there's over 200 comments. Thank you for entering my giveaway! :)

Sows said...

@nic, hey. yup i've found my comment as well. hope i won sooner or later..LOL good luck on ur newly created site.. KUDOS! :wink:

busyok said...

hi...napadaan lang po :-)

hoshi said...

ako hindi pa ako nakasali sa kahit anong contest na kapwa natin bloggers. madalas kasi tapos na yung deadline pag nabasa ko or wala lang mas gutso ko suportahan na lang ang iba.

so i support you sa iyong quest. hehehe

BNP said...

hi! tnx for joining BNP! ur blog has been posted! u can also vote for ur favorite blogs! d top 5 highest rated will be highlighted n d Hall of Fame ;)

you can also follow BNP's tweets at

Anonymous said...

wow, i like naman the things in the pics. so kikay! hehe

Sows said...

@busyok, cge lng po! hnd ka nmn pla suplado! :p

@hoshi, ate! cnxa na mjo bisi.. uo nga panay contest. hoping kc ako lage.

@tnx for following as well..

@pink, uo nga ate pero sau, hnd mo na kylangan nyan!


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