Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nikki is to Die For

I mean, her blog as well. Hehe. For the past (almost) month, I've been struggling hard in blogging. Yup. What will be my topic? What's my alexa ranking? Do I need a frequent update, seriously? But I just don't wanna make an EMOtional post here. I just wanted to thank my 6 followers there at the sidebar for supporting or at least, connecting with me. Huhu. Hugs guys! lol. I'm not saying my earliest goodbyes. Just a few hours ago, I stumble upon Nikki's blog and it "WOWed" ME. And now what? I wanted to say my warmest welcome to the incoming followers sooner.. *evil laugh*

Why did I thought so? Hmm, let's just say I will win in lottery? Or I'll bump into some elite people like Tessa Prieto that so happens to be my aunt. Nah, just kidding! I'm pretty excited with Nikki's contest. That's all. At stake is some great freebies sponsored by ToFebruary and Lulu's. These stuffs really suit an office buff working 8 hours, dont cha think? *evil laugh part two* I'm seriously giggling into excitement. Hey Nikki, have mercy! Let me win! HAHA!


J. Kulisap said...

Sali ng sali. Nanalo ka ba sa pakontes ni Mon?
O dito ulit, may botohan diyan, iboboto kita kahit 70x586 times pa.

Dorm Boy said...

Nice dito ka na pala ngayon nagbblog! Cge babalik ako at mgbabasa kung di ako busy.

Sows said...

@jkulisap, uo nga po eh gnon tlga nbubuhay nlng ako pra sa kontes. :lol: kay mon? ay hindi ko po alm. yoko malaman. yoko masaktan. hihi. 41020 times nio po ako boboto? ahaha. cge wish ko lng pwede un. gud morneng po! :wink:

@dormboy, yep yep! cge lng babalik ka ha?! :p

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