Monday, July 19, 2010

Charice got a Botox!

Charice Pempengco got a Botox! When surgery became a trend that doesn't mean you have to be "in". That's the talk of the town nowadays. Just recently, Filipino pop star, regarded by Oprah as "the most talented girl in the world", Charice Pempengco undergone a botox procedure. People were like, "what the? She's just 18!" It's like a contagious disease circulating all over the Internet that speculates her young age over the concept of the procedure. Botox, when used as a cosmetic, will temporarily improve the appearance of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows by means of paralyzing it of some sort. I'm not a doctor or a medical practitioner to elaborate it well. But Charice, when ask why did she undergone the procedure, says she got it to relieve her jaw problem. There's nothing wrong with that. whether she did it because of medical or personal reasons, it's up to her. And besides, she'll be rubbing elbows with the Glee Stars and I think she just wanted to make her look more contoured or celebrity-like. I just hope she'll not be addicted to her. Just take a look at Heidi Montag and Lindsay Lohan. Don't say I don't warn you, kiddo. Charice begins filming Glee this month and plays a foreign exchange student who will serve as serious competition for lead character Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). [source]

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