Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 3 Overseas Filipino Workers in China, executed of drug trafficking

The sad news has sprung.  the two-year battle in deathrow of Mr. Ramon Credo, Sally Ordinario Villanueva, and Elizabeth Batain had ended the hardest way.  About 12 in this afternoon, the 3 OFWs had been in the lethal injection putting them to death.  Today, I can only see two scenarios: the mourning families of the OFWs; and China leaders' take in implementing rules in such offenses.  They were the two parties that will shoulder the consequences of doing any move in this now a global crisis.  Before, I was like, what if they were freed?  Does that mean people will do that once or several times again since they know that country leaders will bend their knees to free them?
But after this news, my two personas haunts me.  One that says, 

"Hey people, you always say that illegal acts results because of economic instability, lack of money, and you only want what's best for your family.  But cr*p.  Your coconut shells' been learned that drug trafficking and any illegal offenses will resort to steel bar detention, life imprisonment, or worst, death penalty.  And now, you're begging for mercy?  How about the lives of people that has been wasted because of those illegal drugs?  Why don't you give them the same as you now pleaded?"  

But then again, I feel for the relatives, families, and their loved ones and a part of me says, 

"Foolish.  What if those charged were victims themselves?  Victims of recruiters like Tita Calayan that has been caught and in the custody of the NBI and Precy Evangelista who currently holds her freedom?  And victims of the temptation to have a decent life?"  
Now, I'm torn.

I hope this incident will serve as a lesson for each and everyone.  There's nothing wrong to think of ways for the betterment of our families, only, think and face the consequences of whichever paths we have to crossed.

Right this very moment, all I can think about were the ones that was left and the 70 plus people in line for death row in China and 125 more in other parts of the world.  What will be their fates?  Who is to blame?  My prayers and warmest condolences for Mr. Ramon Credo, Sally Villanueva Ordinario, and Elizabeth Batain, their children, families, and loved ones. 


cheese said...

nakadepress lang lalo ang mga ganitong stories :(

J. Kulisap said...

Wala akong masabi.

Laging may aral, aral na pangmabilis o pangmatagalan lang.

Sows said...

@cheese, oo pero ito ang realidad ng buhay. kaya ingat ingat lng pongskie ha! :)

@jkulisap, opo at laging truth hurts. :'(

rrjm said...

Condolence to the family. I can understand the position of China. The reason why they did not change the verdict.

But then again, it is easy for me to say since I am not one of the relatives

But there was a fatal risk for engaging in these things. Sometimes we choose easiest path to achieve a goal while sacrificing logic / practical reasoning.


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