Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jan-Jan, a contestant molested in the show Willing-Willie?

I cant see why people we're so conservative here.  They're just making up issues.. the boy said he's just crying of fright of sight of Mr. Bonel Balingit. The song the parents requested was "careless whisper/er" and due to the Willing willie's staffs' sensitivity to prior issues of that song, they chose the latter. (that song.)

Im not a fan of Mr. Revillame nor the show.  It's just so happen that I've watched the whole episode, find it entertaining, and it irritates me when people we're so naive taking speculations beforehand otherwise researching and knowing what has just happened.  People we're so narrow-minded.

But for other issues with Mr. Revillame, I can't fully comment on that so let yourselves be the judge! :P

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