Monday, March 21, 2011

Creating Awareness and love never been this easy!

Nowadays, the whole world is in great sadness and grief.  On two previous blogsposts of mine, I've been into a verge of creating awareness in the blogosphere.  Thus, I researched some important facts including the Middle East protests, New Zealand and Japan earthquakes and tsunami, and deliver what I so-called responsible blogging.

In most cases, I wanted to share my insights, some photos and videos for the most dramatic and heart-felt post.  But there's something can't be that right especially when my internet connection doesn't serve me well.  Photos have been corrupted, and videos had buffered.  Wish I could have a much higher bandwidth and connection to share to my friends and loved ones.  Thus, I just felt the need of it.  Then, I stumble upon this

I just thought this is the best time to avail their SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 with an amazing freebies such as: 

* Free All-In-One HP Printer
* FREE Call & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription
* Free 1 month broadband subscription

As a smartbro prepaid subscriber myself, I'm pretty contented with what Smartbro has brought me..  Happiness to share my opinions and awareness with the worldwide phenomenon and show how Filipinos (in particular) care people around the world!


gracesongbird said...

Best of luck! Hope you could manage to visit my BLOG HERE.
Thank you. ^_^

rdnofera - The Freebie/Contest Pirate! said...

As bloggers, we want to share our thoughts to other people. But it would be such a waste if we could not share them properly because of poor broadband connection. With Smart Bro, we have a better option.

hope you could find time to share your thoughts on my blog too...

good luck to us!

Jhiegzh said...

Good Luck to this..Nice post! Hope you can visit me here as well :) Happy Tuesday! BLOG HERE

Sows said...

@grace, tnx! just did!

@rdnoferea best of luck!

@jhiegzh coming!! :P

Prakatakatak said...

g'luck sa contest!

Sows said...

@ax, nag-aarte ka na naman sa name mo. anong istorya nyan? :P

hitokirihoshi_kawaii jr said...

sabi ko na alam ko na to e

good luck!

pero tama yung dapat okay ang connection. kasi para ano pang nagka-Internet ka pa, kung di mo rin naman mapakinabangan ng mahusay.

yodz said...

in this chaotic and crazy world, it's always nice to have reliable internet connection - being informed is being safe.
It's a good thing we have affordable products like SmartBro. Awesome deal.

Sows said...

@hoshi, hi ate! uo prang ngaun lng.. hihi.

@yodz, yep. that's why I'm promoting it not just because of this promo but because of my experience as well.


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