Monday, March 28, 2011


She's just happy.
She who seldom cries of a hopeless chance
She who barely has a face of disappointment
She who doesn't knows emptiness in life's nothingness.

She's just fortunate.
She who gets what she wants and needs
She who believes she had all material things money can buy
She who can't ask for more.

She's just loveable.
She who is everyone's apple of the eye
She who has tons of sutors and exciting gifts
She who has a face and body to die for

She's just intelligent.
She who knows what she got to and ought to
She who has sophistication to be envied
She could be an icon of tomorrow

She's just talented.
She can break a leg to a dance, recital or acting performance
or she can be an Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah discovery
She's a queen that can't be dethroned

She is just a fantasy.
Is there an existence of "she"?
Of course darling, there is!
Only, she can never be "me"...

Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011
Pretty late though, I just wanted to say my sincerest condolences...


Jag said...

One of HW's prettiest faces...hays! R.I.P Elizabeth Taylor...

Sows said...



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