Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you a PHAT GIRLZ?

You've been fat all your life.  You're in a company where petite is a goddess.  It is where different couples resides.  Both were of same body mass indices.  At a local store, you are the full sized gal ordering a menu for five.  You consume it all.  Then at the end of the day, you sob at the couch watching a love story movie and think what causes your prince charming's delaying tactics.  You look at the mirror and saw a drum woman, of your age crying of hopelessness at work, love, and life.  You called out your friends' rescue and together, you pity yourselves all day long.  You're stuck in a world full of weight critics, perfectionist, and racists.  Your mom's your only fan.  

Then luck turn upside down.  You've won a lottery to an all expense paid five star hotel accommodations in Palm Springs.  You knocked out the pool with your oversized summer get up when a guy come up to your group.  Those six-packed abs...Sumptuous!  Those lean die for!  Those tight biceps and frontal....ehem.. perfect!  You've learned that he's been talking to you and not your super hot friend.  You've been dying to talk but nothing came outta your drooling mouth.  

There came a date, the second, the third, and a series of getting-to-know-each-other phase.  The more you go out with this dream guy, the more you realized that you and he were not meant to be.  He's a successful guy and you're a frustrated plus size fashion designer who doesn’t even had the money to launch her own designs.  After a day of pampering yourself of your comfort foods, you saw a familiar face at the restaurant.  It is the same guy you've been hooking up for the past few days.  Only, with another fair complexioned, sexy woman in her prettiest.  You mocked all the bad mouthed words you could dig into your cerebellum.  Really, it hurts being played.  But what hurted the most is the fact that "your guy" is closing a deal with this girl who happens to be a company president.  And you ruined it all.  Misery loves company, isn't it?  You say your pitiest sorry and run as fast as you could.  Insecurity eats your self up.  You've got nothing and ask God why He's been treating you like that.  

You literally walked out of his life.  You finally got to talked to someone who can finance your designs.  THICK MADAME.  You've launched a clothing line for the plus sized women who wanted to look fabulous or at least decent.  With the tagline,
"I don't have a problem with what I weigh, it's just that you have the problem with how I weigh"  
you've garnered the trust of many.  Little by little, your dreams come into a reality.

But something's missing.  And being a discontented earthling, you fly a thousand miles to fulfill what your heart desires... to love and be loved.  Nothing has ever changed, your guy is just waiting for your dramatic comeback and to live happily ever after.  You've locked yourselves with kisses and passion you've long longed.

1, 2, 3,.... and CUT!

And yes, it's just a movie.  Phat Girlz, or the Pretty, Hot and Thick Girlz.  Is a dream movie or as they say, a chick flick.  You don't get to win an all expense paid in a five star hotel and bump into a gorgeous hunk who prefer obese women over those Bikini Open like superbods.   And you couldn't fly a thousand miles or two just to say you most profound and sincerest I LOVE YOU to the man of your dreams.  You're an Asian.  An Asian woman who supposedly be the leanest of all the race but here you are, blogging and pretending not to be outshined by others.  Preferring to review a 2006 comedy film you've watched during a television airing rather than reiterating you own pathetic life.  Nevertheless, it is just the same.  Only, the one you've watched has a happy ending.   But nevertheless, I'm still pretty!

For any violent reactions, talk to my lawyer. :P


J. Kulisap said...

Uy Phat Girls.

Hello po Sowsie. Kamusta na u?

Sows said...

ayos naman po. hehe. naligaw ka yata ser kulisap? hnd ka nagbasa. halata... hehe :P

hitokirihoshi_kawaii jr said...

in fairness nadala ako sa kuwento mo akala ko gawa mo talaga ang istorya. ako natutuwa ako sa guys na may naiibang flavor pagdating sa kanilang tipo ng babae. kahit hindi pa ako yung gusto ng mga guys na iyon. well in a way, feeling ko naman ay weird ako kaya weird na ang lalaki na makakaintindi sa akin. choz. hahaha


Jag said...

Cute ang pagka narrate mo ng story hehehe...gotta watch it hehehe...

Sows said...

@hoshi, ateeeeee! haha. relate much ako kaya nga kahit old chick flick na, review pa rin ako.

@jag, oy, aarti ka pa daddy ka na! hehe. :P

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