Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I filed for a sick leave.  Only to glance upon the royal wedding of the year.  Thank God I'm blogging anonymously! :P  April 29, Catherine "Kate" Middleton tied the crown, I mean the knot, with Prince William.  With the title Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the couple prove that fairytales do come true.  Kate is a simple commoner brought to life by two airlines staff parents by the name of Michael and Carole Middleton.  They sent their precious daughter out of Scotland at the University of St Andrews.  Only, to meet her Prince.  And the rest is history.  

Then the beatification of the Blessed, Pope John Paul II came.  Most Catholics awaited this event to pull off the name Saint John Paul II.  Miracles do come true.

And just recently, the most unwanted person died in the name of Osama Bin Laden, not to be mistaken by Obama Bin Laden.  A report says that he dragged a woman to camouflage himself outta militaries seizing him.  Wrong move, touch down.  He'd been shot in the head and some says his body's been drowned in a certain body of water as Islamic culture dictates.  Speculations of his death brought thousands of TPS (Tweets per second).  Other stories move in and out of the picture like the bloody bed he used during the haunt.  Some were skeptical, and some were grieving.  But can President Barack Obama risk his hard-earned dignity with unconfirmed reports of Bin Laden's death?  Think.  Hard.

Bed of blood
Rest in peace?  or residing in peace?

Finally, I've been suspended to attend our choir church service.  I have mixed emotions over a reason of my inability to attend a prior meeting whereas my duties was, I believe, to sang praises for the Lord.  I really don't know if I should shout for joy because I have a free week for me to savor or be pissed that people were just so narrow-minded.  Hello guys, our family reunion at the gorgeous land of Zambales came only once a year and it just so happens that it was scheduled the same day my obligation with the Lord.  Ok, rules are rules, who am I breaking it?  I shall do whatever my heart desires this entire week and maybe played some videoke with or without someone.  Haha!


glentot said...

Hindi ko sinubaybayan yung Royal Wedding... diko naman sila kilala before nyahaha... Yung si Pope naman, may nabasa kasi akong article na nagpabago ng view ko sa kanya kaya hindi rin ako gaano nagpa-affect... Si Osama naman akala ko matagal nang patay, si Sadam Hussein pala yun nyahaha. At yung choir suspension mo, ask na lang nila sarili nila kung sinong nawalan nyahaha...

J. Kulisap said...

Ang daming nangyari. History na 'yan
Musta Sowsie?

Sows said...

@glen, ang adik mo tlg. haha. naintriga ako sa nabasa mong about ky pope... hmm. haha. c sadam. ung choir suspension ko, hala inenjoy ko lng ng bongga... keri lng. :P

@jkul, tama. at may isa pang history na ngyari dis moment in time, kuya! ayos nmn, ikw po?


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