Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Millionaire MatchMaker: A review

Love.  Everyone wants it but not everyone have it.  
I make a perfect match.

This is the tag line of the U.S. television show aired here in the Philippines.  The matchmaker, Patti Stanger, together with her staff finds a bachelor or bachelorettes millionaires or those well-off individuals in search for a date or a better half.  They will screen prospective dates to their millionaires based on its attributes: physical (for an obvious reason), monetary stability (to ensure that they're not just wanting a date for money purposes), emotional (to prevent insensitivity) and even zodiac signs (whatever).
The Staff

What I like about this show is Patti's keen observation to details, sense of humour, and being spokenly straight-forward like,

"Hey, you're not just ugly physically, but your personality stinks, get a life!!" and "I don't like you" or "I think we'll get along pretty well"

Some millionaires wanted a date or a better half to be too good to be true but some were as serious as hell they wanted to marry at that very moment.  Some date prospects for the millionaires were gold diggers, physically and emotionally unstable, and others.  I'm so loving it.  Wish they have the same kind of show here in the Philippines aside from Mula sa Puso and Malparida.  LOL.

So that's it, I just wanted to say I like the show as much as I like singing out loud with the gleeks in Glee and imitating to be the America's Next Top Model.  Next in line: True Beauty.

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