Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Visita Iglesia Interactive

We are living in a fast-phased world.  Like our ancestors would set a fire through a couple of rocks, write through a tree trunk and a knife and hunt for wildlife for food.  Were counting could be easier with an abacus, later been replaced by calculators and the latter with a computer.  From then on technology had grown so far.
The use of stove, pen and paper, typewriter, and even computer.  It is indeed the computer age.

In Dr. Jose Rizal's time, people were that religious that they needed be visiting from one church to another for a Visita Iglesia.  It is a devotional act by Catholics
Some of devoters were in the prime of their lives that it'll be a hassle to move from one place to another including those Filipinos abroad.  Thus, a website has been dedicated for those who still wanted to practice Catholicism even in the other parts of the globe.

Introducing, VISITAIGLESIA.NET where places and churches from all over the country can be visited in the world wide web.  Come on, see for yourselves!

Just don't ask me who financed this one for I don't know who to blame! Kidding! :P


glentot said...

Have you heard about the online confession? Yep, pwede na daw magkumpisal online...

Sows said...

if ever there is, id lyk to here those! another blog entry for me. hihi. :P

hitokirihoshi_kawaii jr said...

i respect the reasons behind this online visita iglesia. if you can't do it then this is alternative way. but if you can do the old style, visit different churches.

i like to that, hehehe!


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