Thursday, April 7, 2011

A whopping P250,000 or $5,000 per day job opportunity!

Yes, you heard read it right.  If you are currently looking for a job, then this is the right post for you.  Are you a person with a dynamic personality, can handle stress and can work overtime?
Are you lawfully in a legal age to be able to work?
Are you physically fit and willing to do whatever it takes if the job needs it?
Are you willing to work overseas?  Thus, holding a VISA, passport, or any documents to be able to work abroad?
Can you run 100 miles per hour or more?
Are you willing to sacrifice your life?
Wait a second.
"Are you kidding me?"  
I can hear you say that.

Sorry to dissapoint you, but I am not kidding.  This job is not a fraud.  This job post is currently in need for the reactors in the Fukushima Deichi in Japan.  It is said that the company is willing to go overboard in paying any successful applicant a whopping P250,000 or $5,000 per day.  The job description states that the "JUMPER" (as they call it) needed to be jumping off a certain radioactive tube, clean it, and run (for you lives) before you'll be contaminated with any radioactive materials present in the tube.

What a radioactive contamination will look like?  Google it.  It's gross.

Will you? or be a drug mule?  Choose wisely.

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