Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Story Behind Rolando Mendoza hostage taking

Ten hours of terror.  
That's how the hostage taking crisis yesterday could be

well described.  A dismissed police officer, Rolando Mendoza, conducted such at

Quirino Grandstand yesterday, about 10 in the morning in a tourist bus with

about 26 passengers, 22 were Chinese Nationals. 

But what is the story behind

the commotion that caused approximately 8 casualties (and growing) for his

former colleagues can be described as passionate, kind, and respectful police

officer such as Mr. Mendoza?

Reports stated that Mr. Mendoza was an exemplary police officer.  He recieves

difference awards such as "Medalya ng Papuri, Kagalingan, Paglilingkod" and the

like.  About almost 3 decades of service, Mendoza was one of the suspected and

dismissed officers of a certain Christian Kalaw complaint threatening him for

violation of RA 9165 forcing him to pay Php 200,000 to be released.  The

Ombudsman's decision for the 5 officers to be dismissed allegedly the reason

for Mendoza to do such heinous crime. 

"He just wanted to be heard and given the right justice"  as some speculators


With the vision of all of this, would you think it is a good reason to kill

lives of innocent foreigners and kababayans to be heard?  And for the SWAT

members who reponded the site, do you think they're that experienced enough to

handle the commotion yesterday?  You decide, my fellowmen.

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