Thursday, September 22, 2011

“The RESET Games: 12-Week Lifestyle Challenge was an invaluable experience in my life. Through it, I have been able to be clear about what exactly I consume and have become better acquainted with my habits both good and bad. The added energy I feel through a healthy diet and daily exercise is propelling my current success. Furthermore, having personally experienced the 12-week process, my RESET journey has blessed me with the ability to share, real, and firsthand knowledge with other. Today, I am receiving feedback from people who have witnessed my progress and are motivated to make changes in their own lives. For me, there is now a true and powerful reality to the message, ‘If I changed, you can change too. Thank you, USANA, Nutrimeal for all the years that you have kept me connected to my goals, inspiring me to pursue my dreams.”

British Columbia, Canada

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